National Aviation University and Robinson Patman Law Firm Launched Social Education Project

National Aviation University and Robinson Patman Law Firm Launched Social Education Project
30 April 2021, 15:38

National Aviation University (NAU – Kyiv, Ukraine) and Robinson Patman Law Firm (Kyiv, Ukraine) signed a memorandum on the launch of a social educational project aimed at consolidating efforts to train highly qualified lawyers in air and space law.

The memorandum was signed within the legislative framework relating to public-private co-operation in education and science.

From the side of National Aviation University the memorandum was signed by the Rector Maksym Lutskyy, and from the side of Robinson Patman by the Managing Partner Dmytro Vidsota.

According to the memorandum, Robinson Patman Law Firm is included in the official curriculum of the National Aviation University.

Within the framework of the signed memorandum, Robinson Patman experts began to provide a part of lectures and practical classes for students of the Law Faculty of NAU from April, this year. In the course of preparing the lessons, special attention was paid to the practical experience of resolving litigation with the participation of airlines, the specifics of resolving issues related to plane crashes, legal support of insurance claims in air and space law, topical issues of antimonopoly legislation, etc. Also, NAU students will have the opportunity to undergo practical training at Robinson Patman under the guidance of experienced lawyers.

This example of public-private co-operation provides for Robinson Patman’s participation in the development of modern education technologies, as well as in the professional and practical training of NAU students. This social project is a response to the educational system's request in terms of training qualified lawyers who are required to have an exceptionally high level of relevant knowledge, competence and practical skills.

Maksym Lutskyy, Rector of National Aviation University: ‘The reform of the education system is dictated by the requirements of the time, the globalization of the economy, the introduction of innovative technologies and is intended to be carried out, including through constant co-operation between the state and business. The Law of Ukraine ‘On Education’ determines the prospects for the participation of leading private sector companies in the development of modern education technologies, as well as their participation in the professional and practical training of students. Such participation is an important component of public-private co-operation. In a number of provisions that designate the strategic priorities of Ukraine's economic development, public-private partnership is defined as the main system for the development of both the economy in general and education at all levels in particular. Therefore, the development of a methodology for the implementation of such co-operation in education is an important background for achieving the goals of Ukraine's economic development. In this context, on behalf of National Aviation University, I would like to express my gratitude to the management and staff of the Robinson Patman Law Firm for agreeing to take on some of the important social obligations in the process of training high-class specialists, which NAU has always been known for’.

Iryna Sopilko, Dean of the Faculty of Law of National Aviation University: ‘The symbiosis of scientific and practical approaches to the educational process is designed to improve the overall professional level of training of students of the Law Faculty of NAU. I am confident that this social educational project will contribute to the purposeful development of a culture of protecting the interests of Ukrainian aerospace enterprises at the international level’.

Dmytro Vidsota, Managing Partner of Robinson Patman Law Firm: ‘The aerospace industry development in the leading countries of the world is so dynamic that it requires an immediate response from all participants in the Ukrainian market, as well as legal expertise that would meet global realities. For Ukraine, as a space state, the protection and representation of its interests – in particular at the international level – is one of the basic elements of successful development and global competitiveness. Based on the above, Robinson Patman company, with its exceptional experience in air and space law, is interested in the training of highly qualified lawyers specializing in the aerospace industry, and for its part, will in every possible way assist NAU as a profile Ukrainian university’.

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